A dog is deemed to be a man’s best friend but torturous hours are spent over apprehension, when our adorable pet dogs go astray. There come days when we are unable to keep up with the pace of our highly demanding professional as well as personal lives because our pet has turned hostile.

Alpha Dog technologies has come up with an evolutionary, modern solution to rescue you from  situations when your pet refuses to obey your orders or exhibits inappropriate behaviour towards strangers. That technology is named ‘Sirius Pro remote dog training collar’. Designed by a team of dog training experts, after intense evaluation and tested technology implementation, Alpha Dog collar products deliver high quality service for our beloved pets.

Alpha dog collar provides a secure alternate for handling our dogs and restricting their behaviour in case of pooping in inapt areas, barking unnecessarily, biting, disobeying general commands, destructive behavioral pattern and other developing disruptive attitude which is hazardous for both, the surroundings as well as its own being. This collar helps in making our pet abide by the rules laid by us and to control its irrelevantly combative nature at frequently occurring situations and events.
Priced at a viable cost, Alpha Dog Collar is a one stop shop device, challenging the cheap priced, low quality collars as well as the extravagant, fancy yet ineffective remote collars for our dog. The three different kinds of stimulation modes are designed keeping in mind the degrees of control and intensity the purpose demands. It has helped many families strengthen the character of their dog. It also helped in bridging the communication gap that lay between them and their pet dog.

Exclusively designed for habituating our dog, its behaviour towards strangers and family members, this Alpha dog collar can also be employed to professionally train your dog for physical drills as well.
This water resistant device helps in damage control, in case your pet spills water over itself.
The LED backlight aids in locating the options on the remote in dim or night light, hence promoting readability. It has a large range of 900 feet, which helps in handling dogs which love basking under the sunshine, on the green grass and meadows. This smart product effectively turns the negative activities of our dog into a positive learning experience, hence making them tranquil, adhering and congenial companions.

The company deems to ensure a cent percent satisfaction rate at delivering what they have promised to serve, through bestowing this collar with handy and easy to use functionality, loaded with degrees of simulation levels. This product has helped multiple users prevent fatal events from occurring, like accidents due to jumping pet dogs on streets and disobedient pets going awry in public spaces.

The mild shocks help maintain the friendly attitude rather than wrecking the relations between the owner and the dog. The affirmative result, as promised, can be witnessed within a few days and hence lead to a changed behaviour of our dog. A humane training approach which sets high standards at achieving the best decorum out of our pet dog is what an Alpha Remote dog collar promises us to be.


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